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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Adventures in Seattle – Part 1: Death By Chocolate. Not Really, but Almost

News Flash.  I’ve lived in WA state for over a decade and had never once visited Seattle.  Never ever.  When people learned that about me they would give me a sad and confused, yet judgmental look.  Yes, it bothered me but I’m no longer a pathetic loser.  My husband took me to Seattle for my anni-birth-a-vers-day.  Or birth-a-versary.  You decide what you want to call a combo 46th birthday + 20th wedding anniversary celebration.

This particular post is about the “Chocolate Indulgence Tour” by Savor Seattle Tours.  My husband loves chocolate and I love my husband (and chocolate) so I bit the chocolate bullet and booked the walking tour that would take us to 7 different chocolaty places to sample 17 different chocolaty delights.  The two hour, $50/per person tour was awesome but at the end of the tour, I thought I was going to die of chocolate overindulgence.   In fact, they should change the name to the “Chocolate Overindulgence Tour.”  The thought of consuming another piece of chocolate was unfathomable…at least for the remainder of the day.  The feeling went away within 24 hours.

Here’s a look at how chocolate almost killed me:

Stop 1:  Cupcake Royale.  Here we sampled a mini chocolate cupcake and a mini-scoop of fudgy chocolate ice cream.  We also learned a bit about the cacao bean and raw chocolate.


Stop 2:  The Chocolate Box.  Super tasty chocolate samplings included:  Mexican chocolate – salt & pepper flavored.  This stuff made my mouth happy.  We tried some REAL white chocolate, not that waxy crap in the grocery store.  The flavor – Lemon and Pepper…weird but wonderful.  Then we sampled some chocolate with chili peppers and something strange…POP ROCKS!  That was a rockin’ firecracker surprise.  Then we had a sip of some liquid chocolate (aka:  hot chocolate) that made me want to cry it was so good.

tazamexicanchocolate    chuaochocolate    gustochocolate

Stop 3:  Kukuruza Gourmet Popcorn.   Guess what they put on their popcorn…Chocolate!  Go figure.  We sampled Rocky Road popcorn, caramel and chocolate covered popcorn and cinnamon bun popcorn.  Crazy, huh?

Stop 4:  Fran’s Chocolates.  This was a real upscale chocolate joint.  We sampled a solid dark chocolate candy heart, a chocolate truffle and a WTH amazing salted caramel.  Check out this cool photo they had hanging in their shop.  An artist created the original chocolate masterpiece.   The first picture is from across the room, then I got a little closer and the last picture is right in front of the photo.

frans3   frans1 frans2

Cool photo……But wait……..It gets even cooler………What?  It’s made of chocolate!

Stop 5:  The Confectional.  This was where I started to go downhill.  This was a cool place in Pike’s Place Market.  It was a “cheesecake gone wild” situation.  We sampled quadruple chocolate cheesecake, regular cheesecake and then topped it all off with more liquid chocolate with some chili powder sprinkled on top.

Stop 6:  Perennial Tea Room.  This was a non-chocolate joint.  Thank you Lord!  We sat and had a spot of tea and relaxed before heading to our final chocolate destination.

Stop 7:  Dahlia Bakery.  I think I was in a pre-chocolate coma state but I managed to keep eating.  We tried a crazy chocolate cookie thing and then a sugar-coated, light and fluffy donut-like thing.  I don’t recall the details…mind was starting to blackout.

Good news…I didn’t actually die.  Bad news…I don’t think I can type the word chocolate one more time so I am going to close by saying…if I was forced to die from overindulgence, I would want it to be death by….you know what.

p.s. Guess how many times I typed the “C” word in this post?