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my Saturday morning at the bar

Yep.  I hit the bar first thing Saturday morning.  It was awesome and I was shaking afterward (and during, to be honest).  No, not that kind of bar, I’m not a lush.  It was a “barre” studio (Confession:  When I first saw the word “barre” I thought it was pronounced “barray” or something fancy like that.  Nope, it’s just pronounced BAR).   A barre class is a full body, pretty hard core workout (in my book anyway) that combines ballet, Pilates and yoga into one very long hour of torture.

Since a new studio opened up in town I thought, hey, I’m totally uncoordinated, can’t do Pilates to save my life and got a “D” in my ballet class in college so this should be right up my ally.  Plus, it might be a nice workout to complement my running routine.

When I first walked in the studio, there was this sign that read, “Embrace the Shake.”  Now I, like any other normal human being, thought it meant something like embrace the milk shake you’re going to enjoy after the workout.  No.  That is not what it meant.   You see, the goal of this class (as I understand it) is to work various muscle groups to the point of exhaustion.  When your muscles are exhausted, they shake. And shake and shake.  I was shaking so much I thought I was going to pull the damn “barre” right out of the wall.  It’s a great feeling when the muscles in your legs feel like they have turned to rubber.  It’s also a great feeling when you’re driving home from class and find the task of turning the steering wheel particularly difficult because the muscles in your arms are exhausted.  Seriously, who gets off on that stuff?  Apparently I do because I signed up for a few more classes.


If you’re looking for an interesting new type of exercise that will leave you feeling confident that you are getting a great workout (your muscles will be screaming the next day), you should go hang out at the barre.  Here’s an article from FitSugar on 10 Tips for Taking Your First Barre Class.  If you’re not looking for a new workout but you are feeling really, really thirsty, then go hang out at the BAR!  Either way, enjoy!