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If Zombies Invaded Puppy School

I don’t talk about this much because I worry people might think I’m immature or a weirdo or something.  Deep breath.  Okay, here it goes…At the tender age of 45 I am finding myself totally into all things zombie.  No…I’m not into them like that.  I’m not a perv.  I’m into them the way normal people are into them:

Anyway, while attending one of our puppy school sessions, I was looking around at all the super adorable pups (except for that yippy yappy Chihuahua) and I thought, “What if zombies invaded the puppy school and turned all the puppies into zombies?”  Now let’s be real, I know people think about these things, I’m the only one brave enough to admit it.

So here’s how I think a puppy school zombie invasion would go down:

Puppies BEFORE zombie invasion:


SITKA                             GOLDIE                                    FINN

Puppies AFTER zombie invasion:


Yes, this is how I spent my free time tonight…turning puppies into zombies.

It’s almost Halloween folks so everyone go get your zombie on!!