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I Love Presents

Don’t you just love getting presents?  I do.  I signed up for subscription to StrideBox so that I could get a present in the mail every month.  It’s a present from me to me and for $15 a month, I’m all for it.

Stridebox is a company geared toward runners and each month they send you a box with various products geared toward running and fitness.  For those who have never heard of it, I’ll give you a run down of what happens when you get your StrideBox in the mail:

  • First, you go to the mailbox.   When you see your StrideBox box, you do a happy dance.

stridebox box

  • Second, you carefully open the box.


  • Third, you excitedly, but carefully, remove contents from the box and arrange them so they look pretty enough to photograph.


  • Fourth, you take everything out, examine it, read about it, add up the value of the StrideBox contents to see if your $15 was worth it, figure out what looks tasty and what looks not so tasty, then decide if you are going to share the energy foods with your spouse who is training for a century bike race.  Okay, maybe that last one is just for me but either way, you can decide if you are going to share with anyone or not.


  • Fifth, start sampling the goods and take notes on items you would purchase in the future.

July’s box was pretty cool and included:

  • A water bottle and samples of 6 different hydration drinks.
  • Sample of magic sports tape.  I’m totally intrigued about the magic part.
  • A full size PR Bar energy bar – apple pie style.
  • An energy gel.
  • An energy bar by Bearded Brothers.  Fabulous Ginger Peach…sounds tasty.

The subscription has been fun so far and if I get tired of it or can’t afford it, I can stop at any time.

I love presents which is awesome because July is my birthday month!  Yessssssss!

Running Topless

Well…..I’m not talking about running topless like THAT!   Sheesh.  What kind of girl do you think I am?  Besides, it’s sooooo cold out there.  Speaking of brisk temperatures….

I recently joined a running group and they do crazy things like run outside when it’s cold.  I know, right?  Insanity.  I bet they even have some outrageous “rain or shine” policy, too.  Since I’m new to this running group thing as well as running in cold, hostile temps (low to mid-40’s…I can say that since I grew up in southern California, right?), I decided to purchase this cool-weather running accessory:  The thermal topless winter headband made by Headsweats purchased at Title Nine.

headband      headbands

Here’s what I love about this thermal topless winter headband:

  1. It has a fleece lining around the ear area so simply pull it over your ears and you have ear warmers.
  2. The front portion that covers your forehead is made of super absorbent, moisture wicking material so your sweat is absorbed but the headband does not feel drenched.
  3. It has a cool ponytail slot in the back…not sure if that’s the technical name for it.   If you have a ponytail, it can easily slip through the slot and your headband will stay in place while your hair stays out of your face.
  4. It’s machine washable.
  5. It’s cute.

I wore it during my first group run on Saturday morning and it was just perfect.  It kept my ears warm, my forehead dry, and since it was topless, I didn’t have to deal with excess head heat.  The cost was around $16-$18 (I threw the receipt away before I realized I loved it so much I would blog about it).  Normally I would think that was pricey for a headband but this one was well worth the money.

I sweat a lot when I run so I love, love, love (need, need, need) headbands and this is my cold-weather fave.   If you run in cool temps and want to try going topless, this thermal topless winter headband is definitely worth checking out!