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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Lessons to learn in an ordinary life

I finally stopped my little whirlwind of activity and turned my attention to writing my first blog entry.  I’ve been blogging “in my head” all week but realized no one can read my mind so I decided writing something would be a more effective way to get things rolling.

I am 45 years old, work full time, have an awesome family consisting of a husband of 19 years (Mike), a son of 12 years (Garrett)  and a whippet of 9 years (Theron).  In a couple of weeks, we will have a new family member, Finn, the whippet puppy!


I enjoy a weird variety of things.

CRAFTS – I dig sewing and quilting (it’s different, trust me).  I used to make all my greeting cards by hand but not anymore…I have a Hallmark membership card now.  I also make cool wine accessories with copper and beads.

OUTDOORSY STUFF – I’m not a poster child for all things outdoorsy.  I like kayaking with no rapids, bike rides on a nice downhill slope, hiking if there aren’t too many bugs and camping if there are nice bathrooms and we don’t have annoying people in the campsite next to ours.

FITNESS – Yeah, um I’m the opposite of athletic.  I am challenged in the  coordination department, I’m a bit slow and I have limited endurance.  It’s pretty pathetic but I did start running this year.  I figured if I can walk, I can run, right?!  So I started running then a week later signed up for a half marathon this fall…not because I was so good at it but because I thought it would be a good challenge.

ORGANIZING STUFF – This is clearly the one thing that drives my family batty.  I believe in the saying, “Everything has a place and everything in its place.”  Whoops, that’s wrong.  I just Googled it and the saying goes like this, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  Love that saying….wish I could remember it.  You should see my makeup drawer.  I just cleaned the makeup off of all the lids and containers and it looks awesome.  Everything in the house should look that awesome.

FOOD & WINE – My husband works at a winery…A winery that makes tasty wine even!  I always felt sorry for people who worked at wineries with sucky wine.   Anyway, we love wine.  We make wine.  We drink wine.  Wine is my reward for running…and working…and for just being an all around awesome person.  As for food, it keeps me alive and keeps me happy.  I love cooking but I am not good at it.  Mike is the cook of the family.

SHOOTING – I like skeet shooting and going to the range for target practice.  I also like gun shows on cable like “American Guns”, “Sons of Guns” and of course, “Top Shot”.  Good family programming, I tell ya.

Other than my eclectic hobbies, I live a pretty ordinary life with little to no drama so I don’t have a lot of juicy tidbits to blog about.  I do know that an ordinary life can be full of extraordinary surprises and lessons so I try hard to pay attention to what’s going on around me.  I never know when something in my brain will click and I’ll learn something new or finally “get” something I should have figured out years ago (sometimes I’m slow).

I hope to share some things that I learn along the way through this blog.  I don’t expect to make any profound revelations, but I’m curious to see what I observe in my everyday, ordinary little life.